The month of October is American Archives Month, and archives in the state of West Virginia invite you to celebrate with us! West Virginia is home to dozens of archives, most of which are associated with historical societies, museums, universities, churches, governments, or businesses. West Virginia Archives Month is a chance to learn more about the rich history of our state and the work archivists do to preserve that history. Archives throughout the state are hosting events and sharing stories, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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Celebrate West Virginia Archives Month with us!

American Archives Month, established in 2006, has given the profession an opportunity to tell people that items that are important to them are being preserved, cataloged, cared for, and made accessible by archivists. Every October, the archival communities throughout the United States celebrate Archives Month with a variety of activities, programs, and posters.

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West Virginia Archives Month is organized by the West Virginia Caucus of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference (MARAC).